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30/07/ · Blog. Over posts covering all areas of your trading business. Read Here. Price Action Course. Low timeframe discretionary price action trading of the E-mini futures. Find Out More. Recent Posts. When Price Stretches to Reach the Level. July 30th, 52 Weeks of the Best and Worst Trades. 26/12/ · Author of The Psychology of Trading (Wiley, ), Enhancing Trader Performance (Wiley, ), The Daily Trading Coach (Wiley, ), Trading Psychology (Wiley, ), and Radical Renewal () with an interest in using historical patterns in markets to find a trading edge. As a performance coach for portfolio managers and traders at. 30/05/ · This blog will support my new book, which will be available in Entitled Becoming Your Own Trading Coach, it consists of very practical, user-friendly lessons that will show traders how they can use time-tested psychological techniques to advance their learning curve, improve their performance, and effectively deal with the stresses that are common to creacora.deted Reading Time: 6 mins. Trading education – with a focus on short-timeframe discretionary price action analysis. If you find value in these videos, you’ll also enjoy my blog posts at

Saturday, December 26, Indicator and Trading Pattern Posts – Volume Four. This is the final archive post covering indicators and trading methods. Posted by Brett Steenbarger, Ph. Indicator and Trading Pattern Posts – Volume Three. This is the third installment in a set of archived posts that focus on trading indicators and methods. Indicator and Trading Pattern Posts – Volume Two. Indicator and Trading Pattern Posts – Volume One.

Here is an archive of posts from August that illustrate specific market indicators and trading patterns. Saturday, December 19, Creating Your Learning Culture. If I had to identify one characteristic that separated successful traders from their less successful counterparts, I would say that the successful ones maintained what I call a learning culture. A learning culture is one in which there is an explicit philosophy and set of procedures to reflect upon recent experience, extract lessons from that experience, and use those lessons to guide future experience.

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Etoro erfolgreiche trader

Exploiting the edge from historical market patterns. Saturday, June 19, Finding Better Edges In Your Trading. I thought I would do something different with this blog and actually chronicle the development of new edges in my trading. I’ll post my successes and failures and learning lessons, with an eye toward trading psychology and also the psychology of the things I’m trading.

Both are quite important, of course, but if one is trading directionally and the stock, index, or asset being traded simply isn’t moving, there won’t be a lot of opportunity. During this recent period of „meme trading“, I’ve also noticed that very high levels of movement are not necessarily very high opportunities for profit. We don’t just want things that move; we also need them to move in meaningful and predictable ways.

When we trade suboptimal trading vehicles, it has the same potential impact on our results as utilizing suboptimal trading methods. Both lead to significant missed opportunities. One tool that I will be employing in finding superior opportunity is the Market Charts site. Long time readers know that I have made use of the Index Indicators site to identify promising breadth patterns in the overall market. The Market Charts site is a much expanded version of Index Indicators, tracking more indicators, multiple indicators, and a variety of stocks and ETFs.

I respect Mo’s work and so view this as a worthwhile platform to begin finding fresh sources of edge. Please note: I have no commercial interest in these sites; as always, I only share resources that I have found to be useful and promising.

your trading coach blog

Bitcoin trader jauch

I will send you daily emails in the form of either video, PDFs, pics or text to build your skills as quick as possible. I’ve designed the course to make it super easy for anyone to understand the essentials to becoming a successful trader without feeling overwhelmed. Ben Sullivan. If anyone is thinking of serious investing and wealth gain, please look into Cheeky Investor. Brodie Herden. I’ve Learned A Tonne With The Emails And Simply Format.

Highly recommend doing yourself a favor and get on board! Linda Smith. Last year I paid all of my debt off and in 3 years, with current projections I will be able to afford a house solo. I feel the need to share my little win, mainly thanks to your advice. Thanks Phil! IT’S ALL ABOUT TAKING ACTION! SPEND THE NEXT 30 DAYS TAKING ACTION WITH PHIL FOR MASSIVE RESULTS.

your trading coach blog

Fallout 4 traders

No Financial Experience Required! I was a dairy farmer before I was a trader! Crypto and day trading are a complicated, scary rollercoaster. My Forex system is simple, reliable and proven. Click below and let me show you how in my FREE Masterclass. New Traders — Click Here. I have been trading Forex for a couple of years now with very mixed results. I bounced from method to method that were complicated but regarded by their creators as being the only way.

The trading system you taught me is going well… March to date is Mark ACT, Australia, 13th March

Trader joes asparagus

Congrats on the new book-blog combo. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the Excel approach. Cheers, -Bill. Like I said once, you are one of the hardest working guys in this business. Congratulations on the new book! Although I welcome this new topic and your new book I think that you’re making a mistake starting a new blog for it. I’d like to see everything focussed in your current very good blog.

Whatever you decided I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading your book when it comes out. Thanks for the interest and the comments. I think over time it will become clear why I’ve devoted a separate blog to accompany the book. The book will contain links to this blog, so that there will be multimedia support for the book. Dear Dr.

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Exploiting the edge from historical market patterns. Monday, June 14, How To Innovate In Your Trading. Very little has been written in trading psychology about innovation. And yet, wherever I’ve encountered traders and portfolio managers with longstanding track records of success, I’ve seen evidence of innovation.

The innovator is the one who asks really good questions, really original questions. The innovator is the one who sees changes in market behavior and wants to figure out what that’s all about and how to take advantage of it. Superior trading requires an absorption in markets; superior good idea generation requires getting away from screens and seeing a bigger picture.

On a recent trip to Nashville, I had plenty of time away from screens and started asking simple questions, but questions I hadn’t asked before. For instance, I wondered if the best predictors of what happens in a given equity market index such as SPX might come from stocks outside that index such as Russell or subsets of that index such as the Dow. In other words, do certain groups of stocks tend to lead momentum moves, trending moves, or reversal moves in a given index?

Oddly enough, I had always looked for data generated by an index to anticipate moves in that index. But what if that’s just playing the same game as everyone else?

Active trader pdf

This is a powerful, proven, winning program. Since , I have been coaching traders around the world to assist them in developing the mental skills and toughness so essential to peak performance trading. While my coaching program does not teach entry and exit strategies, it does help you to execute your own proven strategy with consistency.

You begin to do what you already know to do. In other words, you become as good as your methods. You learn to trade with trust, confidence, courage, and a reliable timeliness. Your psychological makeup is the major factor that makes or breaks you as a trader. In truth, learning to run your mind and your emotions is the single most important key to your trading results.

Your mindset is the multiplier of your trading profits and losses. More Information on the Coaching Program. Skip to content This is a powerful, proven, winning program. With this coaching you will learn to: Pull the trigger without hesitation and get in early on big moves Maintain discipline even after a winning or losing streak.

Cut your losses automatically and keep them small. Stick with your game plan for steady profits.

Bitcoin trader höhle der löwen

22/04/ · This is a powerful, proven, winning program. Since , I have been coaching traders around the world to assist them in developing the mental skills and toughness so essential to peak performance trading. While my coaching program does not teach entry and exit strategies, it does help you to execute your own proven strategy with Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. As your trading coach I would suggest that either you know how to trade EMini or you don’t. If you don’t know how to day trade, even high tech money management techniques will do no more than merely delay the inevitable. You might possibly even bring about self sabotage of your account into the cluster of acceptable solutions.

Skip to content. Explore Latest Posts Trader Devolepment Trading Psychology Richard Wyckoff Techniques High Probability Strategies New Here? About Trading Coach Socialize Trading Community Contact Us Premium Mentorship Training Learn Price Action Trading Free Trading Book Menu. Price Action in Focus. Price Action in Focus — Rising Nifty 50 and Stagnating US Dollar.

In Most of the times, Global Markets move relative to one another. If you think about the Global Intermarket relationship as a big cobweb, US Dollar is the major. Read more Richard Wyckoff Techniques. Richard Wyckoff understood that trading in Range bound markets can give excellent Risk — Reward.

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