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In actuality, the Plunge Protection Team does exist and has been around for a while. People tend to think that it was invented after the financial collapse of , but in fact was established by President Reagan back in as a response to the October stock market plunge in which the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell % in a single David Moadel. 30/12/ · “The “Plunge Protection Team” is the colloquial name for the Working Group on Financial Markets (WGFM) and was established by the executive order of President Reagan in , in the aftermath of the stock market plunge of October, Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. 30/12/ · The „Plunge Protection Team“ is the colloquial name for the Working Group on Financial Markets (WGFM).Author: Daniel Amerman. 10/5/ · Its Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility has racked up $ billion. The Paycheck Protection Program Liquidity Facility, where it buys the small business loans the banks have made (that were already guaranteed by the Small Business Administration) stands at $ billion. The Fed’s Commercial Paper Funding Facility stands at $ billion.

We are routinely told that it shows us the resilience of consumers , for example, or that it can predict the next economic cataclysm or that we can pore over it like an X-ray to reveal the true health of the economy. And as I also pointed out in that video and in much of my other work over the past several years , this perception of the market is a bunch of hooey.

But what if I were to tell you that there is yet another mechanism by which the markets are manipulated? A mechanism wielded by a cabal of four men? One that is admittedly and on the record empowered by the POTUS to prop up the markets whenever they start flagging? Just another humdrum conspiracy fact. For full access to the subscriber newsletter and to support this website, please become a member.

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the plunge protection team

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Also known as the Plunge Protection Team, the group works behind the scenes to shore up financial markets. Consisting of the Treasury Secretary, Federal Reserve Chairman, and the Chairmen of the Securities Exchange Commission SEC and Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC , the Plunge Protection Team covers all the major financial firms, exchanges, and markets. And when markets are threatening to collapse, it pulls out all the stops to keep markets running.

How exactly the Plunge Protection Team works, no one really knows. We suspect that the members of the team are in close contact with major Wall Street CEOs, encouraging them to boost liquidity, purchase stocks, and otherwise prop up financial activity. Just look at movements in stock markets in late trading last Friday. At PM on Friday, the Dow Jones was down around 1, points on the day, the day after its worst one-day points loss ever.

But in the last 20 minutes of trading, the Dow rocketed upwards almost points, to close with a moderate loss. Then the Dow made its biggest one-day points gain ever on Monday. Many of those nearing retirement remain over-invested in stocks. But in keeping their portfolios in stocks, they put themselves at risk of taking huge losses once again as this current stock market bubble begins to pop. Send Me My FREE Precious Metals Guide.

the plunge protection team

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Lot of things has been written and said about Corporate Governance. In a recent years capital markets and their participants, weather companies or individuals, engaged in speculative actions are becoming more under pressure of public. Many great recession started by crush of certain capital market, and then widely spread across the board into real economy, hurting everyone. Therefore, more and more regulations are being implemented in order to stop such malware behavior.

However, in my opinion, I believe that such regulations lead only to more complexity and therefore new crisis. As an important part of economy of well developed countries, such as United States, capital markets play an important role in life of everyday American. It is common believe that capital market is free market, where supply and demand are core and single drivers of the price.

The fair price of shares, what if that is not true, anymore? Furthermore, it should do whatever necessary in order for stock exchange or other markets not to be closed, and reduce the plunge that would occur during trading hours that might trigger panic across the board and therefore start new recession. I would not like to argue weather this decision is right or wrong, but I want merely to express concern about eroding free market will.

These group in certain periods of market contraction, boosted capital markets by buying stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities … and therefore not allowing free fall of markets and start of panic which would trigger recession. Also, this work could not be done without major bank players which in return got privileged position and therefore becoming agents of government.

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Secret Maneuverings Of The Plunge Protection Team By Mike Whitney fergiewhitney msn. The Working Group on Financial Markets, also know as the Plunge Protection Team, was created by Ronald Reagan to prevent a repeat of the Wall Street meltdown of October Its members include the Secretary of the Treasury, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the Chairman of the SEC and the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Recently, the team has been on high alert given the increased volatility of the markets and what Hank Paulson calls „the systemic risk posed by hedge funds and derivatives. The sudden shift in sentiment, from Bull to Bear, has drawn more attention to deeply rooted „systemic“ problems in the US economy. US manufacturing is already in recession, the dollar continues to weaken, consumer spending is flat, and the sub-prime market in real estate has begun to nosedive.

These have all contributed to the markets‘ erratic behavior and created the likelihood that the Plunge Protection Team is stealthily intervening behind the scenes. According to John Crudele of the New York Post, the Plunge Protection Team’s PPT modus operandi was revealed by a former member of the Federal Reserve Board, Robert Heller. Former Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulos verified the existence of The Plunge Protection Team as well as its methods in an appearance on Good Morning America on Sept 17, Stephanopoulos said: Well, what I wanted to talk about for a few minutes is the various efforts that are going on in public and behind the scenes by the Fed and other government officials to guard against a free-fall in the markets.

They have in the past acted more formally. I don’t know if you remember but in , there was a crisis called the Long term Capital Crisis. It was a major currency trader and there was a global currency crisis.

the plunge protection team

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The „Plunge Protection Team“ is the colloquial name for the Working Group on Financial Markets WGFM. The Working Group was established by the executive order of President Reagan in , in the aftermath of the stock market plunge of October, The group reports to the President, and the official members of the group include the Secretary of the Treasury, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, the chairman of the SEC, and the chairman of the CFTC.

In other words, the group members are the four most powerful financial officials in the United States. In practice, the committee can be composed of senior aides and officials that have been designated by those top officials. According to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, the WGFM met by telephone on the afternoon of December 24th, to discuss the ongoing plunge in U.

The very next trading day, the Dow Jones index experienced its largest ever single day point gain, closing up over 1, points. There is no doubt that the Plunge Protection Team does exist, and that it convened on Christmas Eve. The hotly debated question is whether the WGFM does more than just talk and persuade, and whether it can and does actually intervene in the markets on a more direct basis when needed. While the popular view is one of the Working Group itself actually spending the money, that is not necessarily the issue in practice.

If the Treasury, Fed, SEC and CFTC act in cooperation, with each using their fullest emergency powers by executive order but without full disclosure to the public – what can they actually do and what are the limits? This analysis does not attempt a definitive answer, but rather examines the implications of two „what if“ scenarios:. As will be explored, the price of stopping plunges for the good of the financial system is borne by individual investors, with three forms of losses.

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My Patreon account saw seven new subscribers this month, so far. Thank you! Your support is a big deal. Every little bit makes a difference. A new academic paper on stablecoins is up on the Social Science Research Network. The pair say that Tether is an equity contract, similar to a money market fund, while other stablecoins, such as USDC, Paxos Standard, and the Gemini Dollar, are more like debt.

Frances Coppola, a UK freelance writer who spent 17 years in banking, tweeted some harsh criticisms of the report. Overall, I think it is worth a read. FT Alphaville has their own take on the paper. The group includes the heads of the Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

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30/12/ · “The “Plunge Protection Team” is the colloquial name for the Working Group on Financial Markets (WGFM) and was established by the executive order of President Reagan in , in the aftermath of the stock market plunge of October, The Plunge Protection Team is a nickname given to the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets. It came into existence to make economic and financial recommendations on the economy when there are periods of economic chaos. On the team are the heads of the most critical U.S. financial regulatory organizations.

It came into existence to make economic and financial recommendations on the economy when there are periods of economic chaos. On the team are the heads of the most critical U. This includes the Secretary of the U. Treasury, the SEC Securities Exchange Commission Chairman, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve , and the Chairman of the CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

The Washington Post newspaper created the nick name Plunge Protection Team only a decade later in President Ronald Reagan originally convened the team as a response to the terrible Black Monday stock market crash. The government was desperate to restore investor confidence in U. President Reagan called together the group to improve on the efficiency, integrity, and order of them.

The Working Group on Financial Markets was instructed to find out what happened with the financial markets in the U. They were told to come up with government actions for coordinating efforts and making contingencies to prevent them from happening again when possible.

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