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Giuseppe Verdi: Opera: Ernani: Role Name: Elvira: Other names: Not entered yet. Explanation: his niece and fiancée: Voice: Soprano: Fach: Not entered creacora.deer: Giuseppe Verdi. ERNANI VERDI – terzetto e finale, Elvira – OFELIA HRISTOVA About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new . The opera was revived in a series of new productions at the San Francisco Opera (), Lyric Opera of Chicago (), at La Scala () and the Met (). It was given as part of the season of the Sarasota Opera’s „Verdi Cycle“. The Teatro Regio di Parma, another company with the aim of presenting every Verdi opera, gave it in October Recordings of opera roles, played on the piano, to help singers with their notebashing.

Opera in four parts by Francesco Maria Piave after Hernani by Victor Hugo Critical edition by Claudio Gallico The University of Chicago Press, Chicago e Casa Ricordi, Milano. The elegance of the stucco, the harmony of the proportions, the perfect acoustic, the prestigious history, and the greatness of the artists who have walked the boards, make the Teatro Regio di Parma one of the most recognized and famous opera houses in the world.

Commissioned by Duchess Maria Luigia of Habsburg-Lorraine and originally called the Nuovo Teatro Ducale New Ducal Theatre , the Teatro Regio was inaugurated on 16 May with Zaira , an opera composed for the occasion by Vincenzo Bellini. OperaStreaming Project coordinator Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena Via del Teatro 8 – Modena P. IVA e CF info teatrocomunalemodena. ERNANI GIUSEPPE VERDI Concert performance.

VERDI FESTIVAL — TEATRO REGIO DI PARMA. Live from TEATRO REGIO DI PARMA The elegance of the stucco, the harmony of the proportions, the perfect acoustic, the prestigious history, and the greatness of the artists who have walked the boards, make the Teatro Regio di Parma one of the most recognized and famous opera houses in the world. Media partner. Opera Streaming. Cookie Policy Privacy Policy.

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Giuseppe Verdi had a gift for taking a character marginalised by society and putting them centre stage, whether it be a hunchbacked jester in Rigoletto , an enslaved Ethiopian princess in Aida or a courtesan in La Traviata. Verdi wrote big, beautiful melodies and expressive, dramatic orchestral music. As a composer, he was always seeking out strong subjects, demanding his librettists create realistic, human characterisations.

The composer was born in a small village in Parma in to a poor family. He became a music teacher and conductor before finding success as an opera composer. By the time he died in , his fame was such that , people lined the streets to pay their respects as his coffin was taken to its final resting place. Elvira is young, beautiful, and promised to her elderly uncle Silva in marriage.

But she is in love with the brave outlaw, Ernani. They plan to elope. To complicate matters, the King of Spain, Don Carlo, is also in love with Elvira. Oh, and Ernani is plotting to kill the King, whose father killed his father. Ernani arrives at the castle in disguise, fleeing from the King, who has discovered his plot.

Don Carlo arrives, searching for his enemy, and Silva conceals Ernani. The King departs, taking Elvira with him.

opera verdi elvira

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Composer: Giuseppe Verdi. Premiered: March 9, – La Fenice Theatre, Venice. Setting of Ernani : Verdi’s Ernani takes place in 16th century Spain. Ernani , ACT 1 High in the mountains overlooking Aragon, Don Juan and his group of bandits converse. Don Juan has lost his title and wealth during a recent civil war and has taken the name of Ernani. The bandits ask why he seems so gloomy. He tells them he longs for his lover, Elvira, but she is being forced to marry her older uncle, Don Ruy Gomez de Silva.

Ernani and the bandits devise a plan to abduct and rescue Elvira. Inside Elvira’s chambers, she is delivered her wedding dress. Distraught over the arranged marriage, Elvira sings a song about her love for Ernani.

opera verdi elvira

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It is night. She is meditating upon Ernani. It ends with a brilliant cadenza, „Un Eden quegli antri a me“ An Eden that opens to me. Young maidens bearing wedding gifts enter. They sing a chorus of congratulations. To this Elvira responds with a graceful air, the sentiment of which, however, is expressed as an aside, since it refers to her longing for her young, handsome and chivalrous lover.

The young women go. Enter Don Carlos, the King. A secret panel opens. The King is confronted by Ernani, and by Elvira, who has snatched a dagger from his belt. She interposes between the two men. Silva enters. He follows it with the vindictive „Infin, che un brando vindici“ In fine a swift, unerring blade. An ensemble brings the act to a close.

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Natalie Aroyan feels like she was born to sing Verdi. Credit: Prudence Upton. Melbourne is about to be immersed in Verdi. Opera Australia has brought its acclaimed high-tech digital Aida , opening on May 6, followed by Ernani on May Melbourne Opera is staging Macbeth, directed by Beresford, from May The company last performed in Melbourne 18 months ago.

Artistic director Lyndon Terracini wanted to bring two powerful grand operas to relaunch in the city. For Aida — the story of doomed lovers in ancient Egypt, written for the opening of the Suez Canal in — the set features 10 LED panels, 7. It is quite adventurous harmonically, and Verdi may have shocked himself because some aspects do not reappear until many operas later.

Terracini sees Aroyan — now fully established and something of a Verdi specialist — as a protege, having brought her into Opera Australia after she won the aria competition. I can say without any bias that she sings Ernani far better than the soprano at La Scala. She has been incredibly diligent — and also patient. You have to have the stamina to be consistent from beginning to end, not just the arias.

Elvira [ Ernani ] has a lot of high and powerful singing, where I have to soar above the orchestra, soar above the chorus and ensemble together, and keep the high Cs going the whole time.

opera verdi elvira

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Bass Ferruccio Furlanetto as Carlo in ‚Ernani. It takes a special sort of creative alchemy to transform great literature into great opera, and nobody did it better than Giuseppe Verdi. The best example of that may be the Shakespearean dramas. Of the hundreds of Shakespeare-based operas composed over the centuries, barely a handful have been truly successful.

Verdi wrote three of them: Macbeth , Otello and Falstaff. In Act Four, it seems–for a moment–that the story will end happily, as Elvira and Ernani soprano Dimitra Theodossiou and tenor Rudy Park are about to be married. But things are interrupted by the arrival of Silva baritone Marco di Felice , who demands that Ernani fulfill his pledge to take his own life. Elvira begins their emotional trio with the words „Ferma, crudele“ — „Cease, cruelty.

But Verdi’s affinity for great literature didn’t stop there. He also wrote three operas based on works by the great German dramatist Friederich von Schiller. Those were I Masnadieri , La Forza del Destino and Don Carlo. Two Verdi operas, Il Corsaro and I Due Foscari , have their origins in the works of Lord Byron. Verdi turned to Voltaire for Alzira , to Alexandre Dumas for La Traviata and to a play by Victor Hugo for his popular tragedy Rigoletto.

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The opera that pushed Verdi onto the world stage. Ernani, outlawed nobleman, heads a resistance effort against Don Carlo, who killed Ernani’s father. He also plans to elope with Elvira. Read all The opera that pushed Verdi onto the world stage. Unfortunately, Don Carlo also is in love with Elvira. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. Sign In. The Metropolitan Opera HD Live. Episode aired Feb 25, 3h 49min.

IMDb RATING. YOUR RATING. Director Barbara Willis Sweete directed for live cinema by.

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· Elvira’s “Ernani involami” is widely performed out of context in concert halls. The final trio is also a famed passage, recognized for extensive and imaginative use of an Italian opera form. Other Articles on “Ernani” on OperaWire: How Verdi Firmly Established His Ever-Evolving Style in ‘Nabucco’ & ‘Ernani’ Watch and Listen. Believing a rumour that Ernani has been run down and killed by the King’s soldiers, Elvira at last consents to give her hand in marriage to Silva. On the eve of the wedding, however, Ernani, pursued by the King with a detachment of troops, seeks refuge in Silva’s castle, in the disguise of a pilgrim.

Many of the great tenors of the 20 th century made the work a warhorse, including Franco Corelli and Luciano Pavarotti. Ernani thinks of his beloved Elvira and prepares to stop her from getting married to the old Silva. Elvira is worried about her incoming marriage and ponders her love for Ernani. King Carlos, disguised as a peasant shows up to woe Elvira, but is thwarted by Ernani who confronts him. Suddenly, Silva shows up to stop them all but the King reveals his identity and leaves.

He asks for shelter and Silva obliges. Ernani confronts Elvira for agreeing to marry Silva, but she reveals that she is ready kill herself at the altar. They pledge love to one another, but Silva finds them. The King arrives seeking out Ernani and Silva is obliged, through the code of honor, to protect his guest. Ernani and Silva agree to work together to find Elvira but Ernani swears that he will forfeit his life when he hears the sound of his horn.

Carlo considers his destiny as Emperor and promises to be a great and noble ruler. Ernani, Silva, and a band of conspirators arrive to murder the King. They are caught and the Emperor demands the nobleman be executed. Ernani reveals himself to be Don Juan of Aragon.

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