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17/10/ · Abstract. A modified framework, that applies temporal association rule mining to financial time series, is proposed in this paper. The top four components stocks of Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) in terms of highest daily volume and DJIA (index time series, expressed in points) are used to form the time-series database (TSDB) from to Cited by: 3. Temporal Association Rule Mining For mining interesting patterns from time series, a conventional association rule mining algorithm (such as: Apriori, FP-Growth, and Eclat) can only identify some frequent patterns without time creacora.de: Yinghua Han, Deshui Yu, Chunhui Yin, Qiang Zhao. 27/04/ · Temporal association rule mining: An overview considering the time variable as an integral or implied component. Jesús Alcalá‐Fdez, Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, University of Granada, E‐ Granada, creacora.de by: 2. Over the last few years, many methods have been proposed in the literature for mining temporal association rules (TARs) from datasets with temporal information, providing a greater predictive and descriptive power and an additional degree of interestingness (Ao, Luo, Wang, Zhuang, & He, ; Cariñena, ; Hong, Lan, Su, Wu, & Wang, ; Mannila, Toivonen, & Verkamo, ; Teng, Cited by: 2.

IScIDE : Intelligence Science and Big Data Engineering. Big Data and Machine Learning Techniques pp Cite as. A modified framework, that applies temporal association rule mining to financial time series, is proposed in this paper. The top four components stocks of Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA in terms of highest daily volume and DJIA index time series, expressed in points are used to form the time-series database TSDB from to The main goal is to generate profitable trades by uncovering hidden knowledge from the TSDB.

This hidden knowledge refers to temporal association rules, which represent the repeated relationships between events of the financial time series with time-parameter constraints: sliding time windows. Following an approach similar to Knowledge Discovery in Databases KDD , the basic idea is to use frequent events to discover significant rules.

Then, we propose the Multi-level Intensive Subset Learning MIST algorithm and use it to unveil the finer rules within the subset of the corresponding significant rules. Hypothesis testing is later applied to remove rules that are deemed to occur by chance. BEARS has been established by the University of California, Berkeley as a center for intellectual excellence in research and education in Singapore. Skip to main content.

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Free Content. More Information. MLA Harms, Sherri K. Harms, S. Temporal Association Rule Mining in Event Sequences.

temporal association rule mining

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The concepts of ecological event and sequence of ecological events are proposed and the problems of temporal association rule mining based on a sequence of ecological events are discussed in details. A sequence of ecological events is an ordered ecological events set. Red tide phenomena of noctiluca scintillans during and in Dapeng bay, South China Sea was taken as an example to validate T-Apriori algorithm and K-means clustering analysis is used to map the quantitative association rule problem into the Boolean association rule problem.

Our example experiment shows that T-Apriori algorithm can successfully extract temporal association rules which described the close relationship between environmental factors and noctiluca scintillans events. Developed at and hosted by The College of Information Sciences and Technology. Documents Authors Tables Log in Sign up MetaCart DMCA Donate. Documents: Advanced Search Include Citations. Authors: Advanced Search Include Citations.

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temporal association rule mining

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To browse Academia. Log In with Facebook Log In with Google Sign Up with Apple. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Temporal Association Rule Mining for Thrombosis Detection Sami Faiz.

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Shin, Hui Huang Hsu, S. Microarray data analysis is a very popular topic of current studies in bioinformatics. Most of the existing methods are focused on clustering-related approaches. However, the relations of genes cannot be generated by clustering mining. Some studies explored association rule mining on microarray, but there is no concrete framework proposed on three-dimensional gene-sample-time microarray datasets yet.

In this paper, we proposed a temporal dependency association rule mining method named 3D-TDAR-Mine for three-dimensional analyzing microarray datasets. The mined rules can represent the regulated-relations between genes. Through experimental evaluation, our proposed method can discover the meaningful temporal dependent association rules that are really useful for biologists. A novel method for mining temporally dependent association rules in three-dimensional microarray datasets.

T1 – A novel method for mining temporally dependent association rules in three-dimensional microarray datasets. N2 – Microarray data analysis is a very popular topic of current studies in bioinformatics. AB – Microarray data analysis is a very popular topic of current studies in bioinformatics. Institute of Data Science and Engineering. Overview Fingerprint.

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MLDM : Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition pp Cite as. The real transactional databases often exhibit temporal characteristic and time varying behavior. Temporal association rule has thus become an active area of research. A calendar unit such as months and days, clock units such as hours and seconds and specialized units such as business days and academic years, play a major role in a wide range of information system applications.

The calendar-based pattern has already been proposed by researchers to restrict the time-based associationships. This paper proposes a novel algorithm to find association rule on time dependent data using efficient T tree and P-tree data structures. The algorithm elaborates the significant advantage in terms of time and memory while incorporating time dimension. Our approach of scanning based on time-intervals yields smaller dataset for a given valid interval thus reducing the processing time.

This approach is implemented on a synthetic dataset and result shows that temporal TFP tree gives better performance over a TFP tree approach. Unable to display preview.

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Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Temporal association rule mining for the preventive diagnosis of onboard subsystems within floating train data framework Abstract: The increasing interest in preventive maintenance strategies for railway transportation systems and the emergence of telecommunication technologies have both led to the development of floating train data FTD systems.

Commercial trains are being equipped with both positioning and communications systems as well as onboard intelligent sensors monitoring various subsystems all over the train. The sizable collected amounts of real-time spatio-temporal data can be used to leverage the development of innovative diagnosis methodologies based on temporal and sequential data mining.

This paper presents a temporal association rule mining approach named T-patterns, applied on highly challenging floating train data. The aim is to discover temporal associations between pairs of timestamped alarms, called events, that can predict the occurrence of severe failures within a complex bursty environment.

Published in: 15th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems. Article :. INSPEC Accession Number: DOI:

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Temporal Association Rule Mining and Updating and Their Application to Blast Furnace in the Steel Industry Comput Intell Neurosci. May 11; doi: // 01/01/ · Temporal association rule mining is a new technique that can discover temporal rules involving temporal and casual relationships among events. Some researches about temporal association rules mining were thus creacora.de by:

Yinghua Han, Deshui Yu, Chunhui Yin, Qiang Zhao, “ Temporal Association Rule Mining and Updating and Their Application to Blast Furnace in the Steel Industry „, Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience , vol. Blast furnace BF is the main method of modern iron-making. Ensuring the stability of the BF conditions can effectively improve the quality and output of iron and steel. However, operations of BF depend on mainly human experience, which causes two problems: 1 human experience is not objective and is difficult to inherit and learn and 2 it is difficult to acquire knowledge that contains time information among multiple variables in BF.

To address these problems, a data-driven method is proposed. In this article, we propose a novel and efficient algorithm for discovering underlying knowledge in the form of temporal association rules TARs in BF iron-making data. First, a new TAR mining framework is proposed for mining temporal frequent patterns. Then, a novel TAR mining algorithm is proposed for mining underlying, up-to-date, and effective knowledge in the form of TARs.

Finally, considering the updating of the BF database, a rule updating method is proposed that is based on the algorithm that is proposed in this article. Our extensive experiments demonstrate the satisfactory performance of the proposed algorithm in discovering TARs in comparison with the state-of-the-art algorithms. Experiments on BF iron-making data have demonstrated the superior performance and practicability of the proposed method.

Iron and steel are two of the most important raw materials in modern society. The iron-making process is the upstream process of the iron and steel industry; thus, it is important for the output and quality of the whole iron and steel production process.

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