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Van Insurance from £ per year | Personal van quotes – Aviva. What is sole trader van insurance? Sole trader van insurance covers people who are self-employed, working as a sole trader and using their van for work. Different to a private van insurance policy, which only covers you for personal use of your van, a sole trader van insurance policy insures you to use your van for business. Just tell us whether you’re a company or a sole trader when you get a quote for van insurance online. Van insurance for private vans If you’re not using your van for business, we offer the same great level of cover to our private van insurance customers. For private van insurance, choose personal when you get a . The tools you keep in your business vehicle or van are covered up to the value of £ with our comprehensive insurance. Passenger cover for your colleagues Not all commercial vehicle policies will allow you to carry passengers, but ours creacora.deted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Protect your van today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers. Any driver van insurance is a popular product for commercial businesses. The flexibility of any driver van insurance policy enables you to quickly appoint another driver if your key driver or any of your drivers become unavailable. The downside is that it will increase your insurance premium. You should compare the market to find the best deal currently being offered in the van insurance marketplace.

The named driver insurance policy normally permits you to name 1 to 4 drivers per vehicle. If this is sufficient, simply leave the default to named drivers and your quotes will work out cheaper than any driver option. The answer is yes, brokers will define any driver in terms of age, for example, must be over They can also stipulate that any driver must have held a UK licence for at least 1 year.

These conditions will vary slightly, so take time to read and understand and limitations imposed. All drivers should also know the current laws when driving a van, including weight and speed limits. If you use your van delivering goods, you will need specialist hire and reward van insurance.

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Many businesses are reliant on their vans, and not all of these are sole traders. It’s common for companies to employ multiple drivers and have a single van that is driven by numerous team members. In scenarios such as these, standard van driver insurance, which typically provides cover for only one driver, is no good. Instead, to get fully covered, it’s best to take out an any driver insurance policy. Any driver van insurance allows you to insure multiple drivers on one policy, giving you more flexibility and freedom so that your business won’t be disrupted by unexpected accidents and allowing your customers to remain confident they can rely on you.

The obvious advantage of an any driver van policy is that it enables you to allow more than one person to drive a fleet vehicle. With more than one driver insured to drive a company vehicle, your business will be less restricted and you’ll have the freedom to operate how you wish. This is a lot more preferable compared to having one driver tied to one van, meaning that if they’re not available for a job, no one else can drive their vehicle.

A downside is that any driver van insurance tends to be more expensive than insuring a single driver, particularly if anyone on your workforce is relatively young and inexperienced. Still, it is likely to be less costly than alternative options for insuring multiple drivers, and the chances are that it could be right for you and your business if you require the maximum amount of flexibility.

Age is a huge factor in deciding the cost of your any driver van insurance. The problem that some businesses run into is that, while an any driver van insurance policy offers their business increased freedom, their quote may end up being rather costly if some of their drivers are under 21 or even This is because younger drivers are considered by underwriters to be more of a risk on the roads than their older colleagues, with statistics showing a higher likelihood of them being the at-fault party in an accident.

sole trader van insurance

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We use cookies to give you the best possible experience of our website. If you continue, we’ll assume you’re happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. We understand that your van is part of your livelihood and that you may have little time to shop around for different insurance quotes. We work with a panel of top insurers to find the most competitive rates suited to your particular needs.

We know that any loss of earnings can have a significant impact on your business. We also offer Public Liability insurance, which should be a serious consideration for any sole trader or business owner, and may be compulsory for certain clients. If this is the case, simply ring us on and let us know that you would like to add someone as a named driver to your policy.

We also offer temporary cover with our award-winning friends Temp Cover, which is the perfect option if you need insurance for a short period. Our cookie policy We use cookies to give you the best possible experience of our website. Accept Cookies.

sole trader van insurance

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Published on: 5th May Our specialist van insurance policies are tailored to the needs of your business, taking into account the kind of van you operate and the nature of the work you do with it. How to get specialist van insurance. Did you know that there are different van insurance policies for different types of van, and for the different kinds of professional trade and retail businesses that operate vans?

We offer specialist van insurance for all kinds of commercial van operations, including courier van insurance , fleet van insurance , lease van insurance and many more. We even have specialist van insurance policies for classic vans , and for young van drivers and other specific groups of van drivers. Speak to one of our van insurance advisors today to find out which policy would be best suited to your business.

Our optional add-ons make our van insurance even more reassuring, with breakdown cover , tools insurance and goods in transit insurance all helping to minimise disruption to your business in the event of something happening to your van or its contents. Even better, we do the comparison work for you to save you having to shop around. Call us today and talk to one of our experts to get a quote for specialist van insurance at the right price.

Get in touch today and talk to our expert advisors to get a quote for the right specialist van insurance, at the right price.

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Working as a sole trader and being self-employed can be liberating as you can work your own way, when and where you want but it also means you will be responsible for all liabilities and your income is reliant on you being able to work. So, taking out insurance to protect you from any claims of compensation, cover your equipment and possibly protect your income could be an essential business expense.

We have explored what some of the insurance providers can offer sole traders and the self-employed. The table below gives a quick comparison of the top UK providers for self-employed and sole trader insurance. Also, please keep in mind these may not be apples to apples comparisons as each provider offers different solutions. This guide should be used as a starting off point for more research on your part.

Aviva is an insurance provider that offers a broad range of business insurance that is tailored to meet the needs of a variety of businesses including self-employed or sole traders. They offer tailored insurance designed specifically for the self-employed which includes contractors, freelancers and sole traders. Aviva website. AXA is an insurance provider that offers a variety of business insurance that is tailored to specific businesses needs and this includes self-employed insurance.

Their self-employed insurance is designed specifically for the self-employed and caters for both existing and new self-employed businesses. They also allow you to add appropriate optional extras such as tradesman cover tools, plant and equipment , business equipment cover, personal accident cover , breach of confidentiality and infringement of copyright cover.

Direct Line for Business is an insurance provider that has a range of business insurance that is designed for smaller businesses.

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Following a claim we guarantee the quality of repairs made by our approved repairers for as long as you insure your car or van with us 3. Tailor your cover with optional extras like breakdown cover and protected no claim discount. Driving to and from a work site or running a small business? If your van’s registered in your own name, you’ll need our sole trader cover.

Or if you own a business and the van’s registered in your company’s name, you’ll want our business vehicle insurance. If you drive a van for social use and not as part of a small business or your working life , our personal van insurance is the most sensible option. Read our Van Policy Booklet PDF KB. Get a quote. Retrieve a quote.

If you already have insurance with us, you’ll find the documents for your policy in MyAviva. Or log in to MyAviva to make a claim online if you’re registered. You’ll need your policy number to start your claim — so it’s a good idea to have this to hand.

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Temporary Van Insurance provides van drivers short-term cover for a designated period of time. If you don’t normally use a van but find yourself in need of one for only for a short while, then you may be worried that you will have to take out a year-long policy. Short-term van insurance can help you avoid this entirely, with cover available from 1 to 28 days. Not all businesses need to have a van, but they may need to use on the odd occasion.

A temporary insurance policy can prove to be a more cost-effective solution than an annual policy. Like small business owners. You do not necessarily have to be a business owner or a sole trader to benefit from temporary van insurance. Whether you are a family moving to a new house or require a van to safely move items to another location, temporary insurance will give you the opportunity to use a van.

Here at Vanarama Insurance, we understand that an annual insurance policy isn’t always necessary. Short-term van insurance takes away the need to get an annual policy that you know you only need for a short time — that’s goodbye to the cancellation fees and the burden to your wallet.

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You’ll need our business vehicle and van insurance. If your van’s registered in your own name, you’ll need our sole trader cover. Or if you own a business and the van’s registered in your company’s name, you’ll want our business vehicle insurance. When you operate a business as a sole trader, its liabilities and debts are your liabilities and debts. If the business fails with outstanding debts, not only will you lose your income, you could also lose your home and face bankruptcy. Why Do Sole Traders Need Insurance? Generally, there are two main reasons why sole traders buy insurance.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience of our website. Some of the cookies we use identify your browsing habits and enable us to advertise other products relevant to your interests. If you continue, we’ll assume you’re happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. See our cookie policy for more information on cookies and how to manage them. Whether you use your van for business or personal use – we can help.

Because it’s good to know that when your van lets you down, we won’t. Find out more…. Insuring a new van? You can cover up to four drivers with AXA van insurance. When you get a quote for van insurance, you can quickly and easily add up to four drivers, including yourself. Hassle-free repairs with a lifetime guarantee – one less thing to worry about.

Accidents happen.

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