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The €1 and €2 coins depict a double cross on three hills, as featured in the national emblem of Slovakia. 50 cent The 10, 20 and 50 cent coins show Bratislava castle and the Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Slovakia roll 2 Euro „The 30th anniversary of the EU flag“ (X25 coins) RSK Country: Slovakia Nominal value: 50 euro (2€ x25) Year: Theme: The 30th annivers. 1 Cent Slovakia Euro Coins The first coin we are going to analyse is, of course, the 1-cent coin from Slovakia. The author of this specific piece of money is Drahomìr Zobek. At the obverse we can see a wonderful representation of Mount Krivàn seen from the bottom to the creacora.deted Reading Time: 8 mins. Country: Slovakia Denomination: 2 Euro Metal: Bi-metallic (Nickel-Brass center in Copper-Nickel ring) Year: – Value: $4 – $

Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – 10 Years Euro – WWU – HMU Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – 10 Years of euro – WWU – HMU – Coincard. Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – 17th November – Day of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy – the 20th Anniversary Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – 17th November – Day of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy – the 20th Anniversary – Coincard. Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – 17th November – Day of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy – the 20th Anniversary – Coincard Pavel Karoly.

Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – 20 Years Visegrad Group Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – 20 Years Visegrad Group – Coincard. Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – 10 Years of Euro Cash Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – 10 Years of Euro Cash – Coincard. Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – th Anniversary of the Advent of St. Cyrillus and Methodius in Great Moravia Cyrillus and Methodius in Great Moravia – Coincard. Cyrillus and Methodius in Great Moravia – Proof.

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In this article we will go on a journey through the Slovakia Euro Coins, starting with a brief introduction to Slovak numismatics to understand what are the rare euros among Slovak coins and what are the characteristics and quotations that distinguish these coins of the euro collection. Before doing this, however, it is good to take a small step back in order to understand how Slovakia has come to the Single European Currency.

As is well known, Slovakia was part of the largest state in Czechoslovakia, together with the Czech Republic, before becoming a separate state. The official currency of that period was the Czechoslovak Corona, which replaced the Austro-Hungarian Crown, the official currency of Hungary on April 10, This currency was used on a regular basis for 20 years until and from 1 November until 7 February From February 8, , in fact, the Slovak Corona was introduced.

This happened naturally after Czechoslovakia was officially dissolved and the Czech Republic and Slovakia were created. The Slovak corona was used until and precisely until 31 December. From 1 January it was completely replaced by the Euro. In particular, the exchange rate was fixed at Now that we have made this brief but necessary premise we can go to the discovery of the various Slovak Euro coins in order to analyze their characteristics and peculiarities.

During our trip we will dwell on the subjects represented on each coin, on the meanings that these have but also on more technical peculiarities such as the materials, the dimensions and the weight. The first coin we are going to analyse is, of course, the 1-cent coin from Slovakia. Further down we can see the thousandth coinage with the coat of arms of Slovakia placed between the mint symbol and the initials of the author.

slovakia euro coins

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Country: Slovakia. Denomination: 1 Euro. Year: – Denomination: 2 Euro. Year: Slovakian Euro coins. Country: Reset. Slovakia Denomination Reset. Euro 83 1 Euro 2 2 Euro 16 5 Euro 3 10 Euro 40 20 Euro 10 25 Euro 1 Euro Gold 11 Silver 51 Bi-metallic 18 Brass 3. Filters results: Country: All Countries Slovakia.

slovakia euro coins

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Slovak euro coins entered circulation on 1 January and they feature three different designs. The selection process started in , when an official public contest -in two rounds- for Slovak euro coin designs was held. The deadline for the first round was 31 January , after which the ten top designers chosen by the National Bank of Slovakia NBS were invited to make plaster reliefs of their designs.

In the second round, the NBS called a public vote conducted from 12 November until 20 November on the ten designs that were picked from the over submissions. On 21 November , the results were made public. More than , people participated in the vote; the most popular design was the Coat of arms of Slovakia 33, votes , followed by the Krivan peak 24, votes and the Bratislava Castle 21, votes. After three years of reforms, on 1 April , the NBS announced their plan for withdrawal, disposal and destruction of the Slovak koruna notes and coins.

On 7 May , the European Commission approved the application and asked member states to endorse the bid during the EU finance minister’s meeting in July On 3 June European Union finance ministers gave Slovakia the green light to join the euro zone in while urging the country to be ready to fight inflation with tight fiscal policies. After the euro introduction on 1 January , it would still be possible to pay cash with the koruna banknotes and coins until 16 January However, change would only be given back in euros.

From 17 January onward, however, it was only possible to pay in euros.

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Slovakia applied to join the Euro zone on 5th April – the Euro becoming the official currency on 1st January The Commemorative Coins cover mainly historical events in Slovakia’s history. Some basic facts relating to Slovakia. As with many other countries in the Euro zone , Slovakian Euro Coins are devided into three „motif groups“- one for the „copper coloured coins“ 1 cent, 2 cent and 5 cent , one for the „gold coloured coins“ 10 cent,20 cent and 50 cent and finally one for the one Euro and two Euro coins.

The first motif 1,2 and 5 cent coins is the mountain Krivan the national symbol of Slovakia. The second motif 10,20 and 50 cent coins is the castle Bratislava. This is the main castle in the capital of Slovakia also named Bratislava. The third motif 1 and 2 Euro coins is the coat of arms of Slovakia- a double cross resting on a symbolic representation of three mountains.

Slovakian Commemorative Two Euro Coins. Return from Slovakian Euro Coins to Links to Specific Countries.

slovakia euro coins

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Show only – year. Commemorative 2 euro coins Columns 6 5 4 3 2. Constitution USA: First Spouse Gold Coins USA: Half-dollars USA: Native American Dollar Coin Program USA: Preamble to the Declaration of Independence USA: The Presidential 1 Dollar Coins Vatican City: Art and Faith Vatican City: Bimetal 5 euro coins Vatican City: Gold 10 euro coins Vatican City: Gold euro coins Vatican City: Gold 20 euro coins Vatican City: Gold euro coins Vatican City: Gold 50 euro coins Vatican City: Silver 10 euro coins Vatican City: Silver 20 euro coins Vatican City: Silver 5 euro coins Ibero-American Series The XXIII Winter Olympics Games – PyeongChang Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Coins parameters Country: Eurozone Face value: 2 euro Diameter: Search Country Andorra Argentina Austria Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Canada Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Guatemala Hungary Ireland Isle of Man Italy Japan Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Mexico Moldova Monaco Netherlands Nicaragua Norway Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom USA Vatican City Issue year Advanced search Face Value 0.

Michaelis‘ Church Hamburg. Cyrila a sv. Michael zu Hildesheim. Geburtstag von Helmut Schmidt. Ibero-American Summit Andorra.

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The following 2 euro commemortaive coins were issued in slovakia since the introduction of the Common European Currency on January 1, The Bank of Slovakia announced in January the release of a commemorative 2-euro coin in , dedicated to the „25th Anniversary of the Slovak Republic“, which occurred after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia on January 1, The separation of The coin is dedicated to th anniversarry of the establishment of Academia Istropolitana.

The Universitas Istropolitana in Bratislava was arguably the third university to be found in the Kingdom of Hungary and the first university to be founded in the A total of 24 designs from 13 designers In July , the 19 euro-area countries jointly issued a commemorative euro coin celebrating 30 years of the EU flag. Regardless of the country, it bears the same design on the national side, normally reserved for a motif specific to that country.

On the right side in a semi-circle Slovakia became an independent state in January after Czechoslovakia split into its two constituent parts. Relations between Slovak Republic and European Union are based on the European Association Agreement, which was signed on 4th of October

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We believe that Slovakia will eventually join the Euro, probably in , along with about a dozen other countries. It is not known whether any official plans have been made to produce pattern designs for a set of Slovak euro coins. Slovakia 2 Euro Commemorative Coins 4,12 Slovakia 2 Euro Coin – 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic Mintage: | thereof Brilliant Uncirculated – BU in Coincard and Proof.

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