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15/07/ · Coin Details. Origin/Country: ANCIENT – ROMAN EMPIRE (1st CENT BC – 5th CENT AD) ROMAN EMPIRE Titus, AD Design Description: Titus Denarius Colosseum Inaugural Issue. Item Description: AR Denarius ROMAN EMPIRE ‚opening of Colosseum‘ rv elephant stg. Full Grade:Design Description: Titus Denarius Colosseum Inaugural Issue. The ancient name of the Colosseum was the Flavian Amphitheatre, after the Flavian dynasty founded by the emperor Vespasian (AD ). It was planned during his reign, but dedicated and opened by his son, Titus, in AD 80, the year when this coin was made. History: This coin not only celebrates Titus’ successful military campaigns on the obverse but also the opening of the Flavian Amphitheatre with the first games lasting days on the reverse. Date: A.D. 80 – Minted: Rome. Diameter: cm. It was planned during his reign, but dedicated and opened by his son, Titus, in AD 80, the year when this coin was made. The Colosseum is a marvel of ancient engineering.

Ancient Roman Imperial Coins. The coin, an aureus, is only the second of this kind known in the world. The standard catalogue for the Roman coins, ancient Roman Imperial Coinage RIC , in volume IV, part 2, mentions a similar piece, nr. The first coin of this type, made from gold, was identified and sold several times at different auctions, and is now part of a Swiss private collection. Ancient Roman Provincial Coins.

It belongs to a rare commemorative series issued by the emperor Severus Alexander at the beginning of the reign. Ob : IMP C M AVR SEV-ALEXANDER AVG Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Augustus. Laureate and draped bust to the right. Rv: P M TR P II COS PP Pontifex Maximus Tribunicia Potestatis Bis II Consul Pater Patriae. Colosseum with 4 stages, made from arcades.

At the left, a shrine with statue.

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Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images. Follow on Instagram View all coins View chronologically Contact. Home » Chronological Coins. Inaugural Games at the Colosseum This impressive coin was minted to commemorate the inauguration of the Colosseum and was likely personally distributed by the Imperials to key spectators. It depicts the most famous landmark of Ancient Rome: the Colosseum. The scale of the Colosseum was not matched for another 1, years.

Shown on the left of the coin is the Meta Sudans, a huge, conical fountain and, on the right, the famous Baths of Titus. With 80 entrances and the capacity to seat more than 50, people, it was the first of its kind architecturally and instantly became one of the best known buildings in antiquity. Its core was constructed of concrete, with marble floors around the best seats and tile in the less expensive sections.

It had a retractable canvas roof on the fourth level, and its floor was made of heavy timber, covering an elaborate series of underground cells for gladiators, prisoners, and animals. Amazingly, the floor could be removed and the lower levels flooded for naval combats.

titus colosseum coin

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Discussion in ‚ Ancient Coins ‚ started by David Atherton , Feb 20, Log in or Sign up. Coin Talk. A Titus Coin and a Colosseum Book Discussion in ‚ Ancient Coins ‚ started by David Atherton , Feb 20, Two recent arrivals have given me a great amount of pleasure over the past week. The first is this dupondius of Titus with a superb smiling portrait.

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titus colosseum coin

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Discussion in ‚ Ancient Coins ‚ started by Gary R. Wilson , Apr 20, Log in or Sign up. Coin Talk. Coins Concerning The Colosseum Discussion in ‚ Ancient Coins ‚ started by Gary R. Orfew’s post concerning Titus brought to mind The Colosseum and which coins can be related to it. I have two that I’m aware of that are or can be connected to the great structure.

The first is one that pretty much anyone who collects Roman Imperial coins knows about. The other has a possible connection through Domitian. This theory I borrowed from David Atherton which stated that many rhinoceros quadrans of Domitian could have been thrown to the crowds inside The Colosseum during the games. David please correct me if I’m wrong and elaborate if you want. I love that theory. Please post your coins that relate in any way with The Colosseum.

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Previous Slot Next Slot. To follow or send a message to this user, please log in. About FAQs Research Contact. Registry Chat Boards Journals Submit Coins Join! FIND MEMBERS. Recent Journals. Obverse: Enlarge. Reverse: Enlarge. Set Details Custom Sets: The Roman Empire Competitive Sets: This coin is not competing in any sets. Research: NGC Coin Price Guide.

titus colosseum coin

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This is the image of one of the greatest surviving buildings from ancient Rome. Roman coins often depicted buildings and monuments in the city of Rome. The Colosseum is easily recognized because so much of it still survives to this day. Its ancient name was the Flavian Amphitheatre , after the Flavian dynasty founded by the emperor Vespasian AD It was planned during his reign, but dedicated and opened by his son, Titus, in AD 80, the year when this coin was made.

The Colosseum is a marvel of ancient engineering. With an estimated capacity of 50,, seats were arranged in three tiers corresponding to the bottom three of the four storeys visible on the coin. The oval-shaped structure measures by metres by yards and is 52 metres feet high. The arena itself had a wooden floor. Underneath it were located cages for beasts, and drains.

These were to service the events that took place in the amphitheatre, including gladiatorial combat and wild beast fights. The word ‚arena‘ comes from the Latin for sand, which covered the floor to soak up the large quantities of blood spilt during the entertainments.

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NumisWiki For the New Collector. Ancient Coin Collecting Uncleaned Ancient Coins Roman Coin Attribution Ancient Greek Coin Collecting Magnification Die Alignment Ancient Coin Prices Ancient Glass. Anonymous Follis. Anonymous Class A Folles. Coins of Pontius Pilate. Dictionary of Roman Coins. Greek Alphabet.

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24/02/ · The circa A.D. 81 to 82 posthumous issue is one of the earliest coins to show the Roman Colosseum, which had been completed in A.D. 80 during Titus’ reign. A . The Colosseum aureus, minted by Severus Alexander. Recently, collectors from all over the world had the chance to admire one of Antiquity’s most spectacular and rare coins. This coin, sold at the “Auction 46 – The Millennia Collection”, organized by Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles on 26 may , is considered to be one of the most rarest coins of the Roman Empire.

The Colosseum is depicted with four storeys; the first three of arcades each containing a statue, and the top being of solid masonry with windows and supports for the wooden masts on which great awnings were held to protect the spectators from the sun; on the left is a shrine containing a statue Fortuna? Of the very greatest rarity, one of two known examples.

The Colosseum occurs on imperial coinage only three times; in each of these instances the coins are famous rarities. It first appears on sestertii of Titus, the emperor under whom construction was completed. Later the structure is shown on coins of Severus Alexander and medallions of Gordian III. The Severan issues document the addition of the velarium to the Colosseum, while those of Gordian show the monument with an interior aspect which depicts a battle between wild beasts occurring within the amphitheater.

Sestertius of Titus minted ,Flavian amphitheatre The Colosseum ; on l. IMP T CAES VESP AVG P M TR P P P COS VIII Titus seated l. Very rare and an issue of great fascination. Aureus of Alexander Severus minted at Rome, Obverse: IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG Laureate and draped bust of Severus Alexander to right. Reverse: P M TR P II COS P P View of the Flavian Amphitheater.

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